Rewatching Wish

2007: Arashi look so funny in their Wish PV. What's with Japanese love to dye their hair??? It looks awful on them. Not the most good-looking group out there but Nino kinda cute. Hehe. Are Arashi suppose to be God or Angel to the puppet down there?

2019: Crying with tears of joy because being able to meet such a wonderful group. Cannot believe I am still with them all this time until now. Matsujun hair is a mess because of the curl. Sho look a little bit angry (?) Aiba look so happy. Ohno look calm like a Shinigami. Not the most good-looking group out there but Nino kinda cute. Hehe. Cute PV with 'great' storyline. Not my most favourite but it is still very precious. 

We can conclude that even if you have the most handsome face does not necessarily mean you can make it in the entertainment industry. You need to have the "X" factor to succeed. Arashi have it and I can honestly said the "X" factor is called hardwork in laymen term. Hardwork does pay! 

Keep working hard! 

*notes to self

An improvement

Happy post #04

After Arashi mention their hiatus on 27 January 2019, I've been the 'watching-from-far-away' fan (quoting Sho). I've not listened to their songs or watched ANY of the shows (group and individual) for almost 3 months. 3 MONTHS! I've been in Arashi fandom for almost 12 years and I've never left the fandom. I'll always listen to their songs and watch their shows (not always the latest ones because I like to watch their shows with subbed) basically Arashi have become apart of my daily life. Even their songs are associated with certain events happening in my life. For example, this is the songs I'll always listen before taking any examinations or while writing thesis or taking a trips somewhere. So when I listen to that particular songs, I'll be reminded of the past events. I'll remember the struggle I had to go through and somehow I make it. It really help encourage me when I faced with new challenges. 

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Goodbye, Nemo...

My cat of almost 10 years died yesterday (29 August 2018). Nemo was diagnosed with renal failure and stayed at the clinic for 3 days. The doctor mentioned that Nemo did not ate anything while she's there. So we decided to bring her home. The doctor teach us how to perform dialysis. At home, we tried to feed her and she did drink a little. Later that evening, we went out for a chore for about 30 minutes, when we returned home Nemo had passed away.

Nemo was a smart, playful and beautiful cat. She was very obedient and always returned to her cage on time after playtime while her siblings like to run around the house refused to return. Nemo like to play with the broom whenever I sweep the house. She will jump onto the dust pan and I will lift her up while she sits on it. She loved to sleep under the car during the day because it was cooling there. Nemo liked to drink a lot of water and every-time she will drink for a long time and then pee a lot. 

She was a young cat stuck in an old body.  We've never had a cat that lived that long before, they either runaway, dies of sickness or killed by car accident. I'm forever thankful to have Nemo in my life. I hope this journal will help me to remember Nemo even if I grow old and start forgetting things. 

Nemo, you will always be loved no matter what. I love you so much, Nemo.  


I have a "confession" to make. 

I am addicted to downloading stuffs, not just Arashi but also J-drama, movies etc. Hence, my laptop storage is almost full yet I still don't watch more than half of it. I have no idea how to fix my dumb addiction.

Here come a new sad event. My laptop dropped from my bed because my "smart" cat try to jump on it. Partially my fault for placing my laptop on uneven surface (my bed but that's my habit. Don't judge).  So I had to replace my hard disk causing ALL of my documents, pictures and videos to vanish into the thin air. All of my trouble downloading all that stuff using my slow snail internet gone :(

But like always I have to look at the positive aspect of things. I have to or otherwise I brawl like a baby for the most idiotic reason and it's embarrassing.

From now on I have a brand new resolution along with my sleet clean hard disk:

1. I will now only watches movies through online streaming. No more downloading it unless I find the story is something I want to re-watch or Arashi-related.  

2. I will only download Arashi-related stuff to ensure my laptop storage is in well manage condition.

3. Remember to ALWAYS have back up for your picture and important documents.

So basically I have lost almost 4 years of stuff in my laptop :( 

I am sad, more accurately devastated but life goes on. Wish me luck on my new resolution! Ganbatte :D


10th anniversary in ARASHI livejournal fandom

Good day everyone!

Happy post #03
I am officially in ARASHI livejournal community for 10 years already 😱. I checked the date my lj created was 7 January 2008.

I've watched ARASHI on YouTube from 2007. Watching D no Arashi in bits and pieces. At that time YouTube was not as strict as nowadays. I also started download mago mago Arashi in Aibakaland. Trying my best to post as many replies as possible to gain access to their locked subbed videos. Haha such a good time.

Now Arashi communities had moved to dreamwidth but I still prefer using lj. I don't know why. Maybe because I have using it for so long, that I'm used to it.

Anyway, hoping to continue supporting Arashi for many years to come. I've watched the latest Kontatsu(?) no Arashi episode where they helped the staff to rearrange the Bomber Striker bowling bowl. They are such a nice bunch of people and humble too. Not a diva in any way. 😊

Cheers for many years to come 🎉

Dreamwidth + Livejournal

Hello me.

Because basically I'm talking to myself. Sure no one read my post ever.
I've moved to/created DW now but somehow I'm still comfortable using LJ. Maybe because I don't really like changes that much. That is the kind of person I am. Hope to start joining many communities there.

I've read my previous entry where I decided I should post more entry when I am happy, unfortunately I am rarely aware when I am happy. Hmmmm

Anyhow, back to job hunting again. If my life for the last 5 years should have a title it should be "The girl with her endless job hunting". I manage to work for 4 months at a call center but decided to stop for safety reason. The job have early morning shift. You know taking Uber/Grabcar at 5 in the morning is too scary. I always imagine I will be killed every time I board one. But I guess the pro is that I will always be reminded about death. Good for my spiritual strength.

This weekend will be interview for scientist trainee. It is a walk-in interview. I know I should be preparing for it, yet here I am suddenly feel like writing a pointless entry.

Well, I guess good luck me.

P.S/ I somehow still hope to become a scientist. How strange. Oh well
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Going to JAPAN!!!

Happy post #02

I will going to Japan tomorrow! For 11 days~~
I will be going to Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. Not sure if I have enough time to cover all of these beautiful places but I will try to make my schedule as pack as possible Sakurai Sho-style :D

We will be staying at Airbnb. Not sure how it will goes. It is my first time using it anyway. Hope everything when well. The host already post the location and instruction on how to get to their houses. Both is self check-in which is cool. Excited to live in Japanese houses. I really want to experience their 'modern' and very high-tech houses :)

Praying everything goes as plan. Need to get back packing and sorting stuff.

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