khairiena (khairiena) wrote,

Going to JAPAN!!!

Happy post #02

I will going to Japan tomorrow! For 11 days~~
I will be going to Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. Not sure if I have enough time to cover all of these beautiful places but I will try to make my schedule as pack as possible Sakurai Sho-style :D

We will be staying at Airbnb. Not sure how it will goes. It is my first time using it anyway. Hope everything when well. The host already post the location and instruction on how to get to their houses. Both is self check-in which is cool. Excited to live in Japanese houses. I really want to experience their 'modern' and very high-tech houses :)

Praying everything goes as plan. Need to get back packing and sorting stuff.

Tags: life, myself and arashi
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