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Dreamwidth + Livejournal

Hello me.

Because basically I'm talking to myself. Sure no one read my post ever.
I've moved to/created DW now but somehow I'm still comfortable using LJ. Maybe because I don't really like changes that much. That is the kind of person I am. Hope to start joining many communities there.

I've read my previous entry where I decided I should post more entry when I am happy, unfortunately I am rarely aware when I am happy. Hmmmm

Anyhow, back to job hunting again. If my life for the last 5 years should have a title it should be "The girl with her endless job hunting". I manage to work for 4 months at a call center but decided to stop for safety reason. The job have early morning shift. You know taking Uber/Grabcar at 5 in the morning is too scary. I always imagine I will be killed every time I board one. But I guess the pro is that I will always be reminded about death. Good for my spiritual strength.

This weekend will be interview for scientist trainee. It is a walk-in interview. I know I should be preparing for it, yet here I am suddenly feel like writing a pointless entry.

Well, I guess good luck me.

P.S/ I somehow still hope to become a scientist. How strange. Oh well
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