khairiena (khairiena) wrote,

10th anniversary in ARASHI livejournal fandom

Good day everyone!

Happy post #03
I am officially in ARASHI livejournal community for 10 years already 😱. I checked the date my lj created was 7 January 2008.

I've watched ARASHI on YouTube from 2007. Watching D no Arashi in bits and pieces. At that time YouTube was not as strict as nowadays. I also started download mago mago Arashi in Aibakaland. Trying my best to post as many replies as possible to gain access to their locked subbed videos. Haha such a good time.

Now Arashi communities had moved to dreamwidth but I still prefer using lj. I don't know why. Maybe because I have using it for so long, that I'm used to it.

Anyway, hoping to continue supporting Arashi for many years to come. I've watched the latest Kontatsu(?) no Arashi episode where they helped the staff to rearrange the Bomber Striker bowling bowl. They are such a nice bunch of people and humble too. Not a diva in any way. 😊

Cheers for many years to come 🎉
Tags: #03, arashi, livejournal, myself and arashi
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