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I have a "confession" to make. 

I am addicted to downloading stuffs, not just Arashi but also J-drama, movies etc. Hence, my laptop storage is almost full yet I still don't watch more than half of it. I have no idea how to fix my dumb addiction.

Here come a new sad event. My laptop dropped from my bed because my "smart" cat try to jump on it. Partially my fault for placing my laptop on uneven surface (my bed but that's my habit. Don't judge).  So I had to replace my hard disk causing ALL of my documents, pictures and videos to vanish into the thin air. All of my trouble downloading all that stuff using my slow snail internet gone :(

But like always I have to look at the positive aspect of things. I have to or otherwise I brawl like a baby for the most idiotic reason and it's embarrassing.

From now on I have a brand new resolution along with my sleet clean hard disk:

1. I will now only watches movies through online streaming. No more downloading it unless I find the story is something I want to re-watch or Arashi-related.  

2. I will only download Arashi-related stuff to ensure my laptop storage is in well manage condition.

3. Remember to ALWAYS have back up for your picture and important documents.

So basically I have lost almost 4 years of stuff in my laptop :( 

I am sad, more accurately devastated but life goes on. Wish me luck on my new resolution! Ganbatte :D

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