Goodbye, Nemo...

My cat of almost 10 years died yesterday (29 August 2018). Nemo was diagnosed with renal failure and stayed at the clinic for 3 days. The doctor mentioned that Nemo did not ate anything while she's there. So we decided to bring her home. The doctor teach us how to perform dialysis. At home, we tried to feed her and she did drink a little. Later that evening, we went out for a chore for about 30 minutes, when we returned home Nemo had passed away.

Nemo was a smart, playful and beautiful cat. She was very obedient and always returned to her cage on time after playtime while her siblings like to run around the house refused to return. Nemo like to play with the broom whenever I sweep the house. She will jump onto the dust pan and I will lift her up while she sits on it. She loved to sleep under the car during the day because it was cooling there. Nemo liked to drink a lot of water and every-time she will drink for a long time and then pee a lot. 

She was a young cat stuck in an old body.  We've never had a cat that lived that long before, they either runaway, dies of sickness or killed by car accident. I'm forever thankful to have Nemo in my life. I hope this journal will help me to remember Nemo even if I grow old and start forgetting things. 

Nemo, you will always be loved no matter what. I love you so much, Nemo.  


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