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Happy post #04

After Arashi mention their hiatus on 27 January 2019, I've been the 'watching-from-far-away' fan (quoting Sho). I've not listened to their songs or watched ANY of the shows (group and individual) for almost 3 months. 3 MONTHS! I've been in Arashi fandom for almost 12 years and I've never left the fandom. I'll always listen to their songs and watch their shows (not always the latest ones because I like to watch their shows with subbed) basically Arashi have become apart of my daily life. Even their songs are associated with certain events happening in my life. For example, this is the songs I'll always listen before taking any examinations or while writing thesis or taking a trips somewhere. So when I listen to that particular songs, I'll be reminded of the past events. I'll remember the struggle I had to go through and somehow I make it. It really help encourage me when I faced with new challenges. 

So the happy news is I'm starting to listen to their songs again :D When I stopped listening to their songs I felt like most of my memories ingrain in certain songs gone. And! And! Yesterday I finally muster up my courage to watch their hiatus press conference. After I watched that press conference I felt a bit relief because before this I just read on twitter the translation of the press conference but after I watched it I am totally sure ARASHI WILL BE BACK! When Arashi first mention the hiatus in fan club video, I was extremely sad. The kind of sadness that really affect your body. I feel physically ill. If I were to give analogy, like when your pets just dies.

So what trigger me suddenly? Well I've been interested in Sixtones lately. Since their Youtube promo campaign I've been watching their videos and it was kinda interesting  and entertaining. I've also watched their live streaming concert last months and it was quite impressive for a Junior concert. So when one of the Sixtones member, Hokuto, was announced to be in VS Arashi, I decided this is the right timing for me to start watching Arashi again. I don't want to watch Arashi for afar forever, I want to walk along with them until their hiatus day come. I know in my heart I will forever regret it if I don't enjoy Arashi while they are here, doing activities as  a group. It feel sooo good to be back to my Arashi :)

P.S — While I was avoiding listening to Arashi songs (though a quarter of my mp3 is Arashi's songs) I began to listen to Sixtones songs. To tell you the truth, their songs is much more enjoyable if we can watch their performances. Their voices are good and balance but their songs selection is leaning towards KAT-TUN songs. Not exactly a bop or sing-along songs. But I really enjoy their ballad song, Kono Hoshi no Hikari and their MV released song, Japonica style. 

Basically, I'm happy I've move on from my denial stage and right now I am in my acceptance stage. I've accept that Arashi will be going for hiatus on 31 December 2020 therefore I will enjoy each and everyday I can with Arashi.

'Your are my SOUL! SOUL! Itsumo sugu soba ni aru.'

I'll continue to pray someday I'll meet my Arashi 


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