Am I a negative person?

Because I'm bored, I started reading my previous post on livejournal. I just realised I post more when I am sad rather than when I am happy. I really should post more when I am happy so that when I'm old, I can look back and see what a happy life I had.

Happy Post #001

I am in the middle of movies marathon for all The Hobbit and Lord of the Ring trilogy. I managed to get (download :P) the extended edition one. Two more movies to go. So far so good :)

I do hope to have another adventure like Bilbo Baggins.
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The Next Step

I just finished my studies and right now looking for jobs. I have no idea how many job applications I have submitted. Maybe I should've focused more on my quality of job applications rather than the quantities. I always thought I'll be getting PhD one day, but after experiencing writing really woke me up. I guess loving doing experiments in the lab will never be enough to become a scientist. We need to know how to write a good scientific paper and know how to present it, both which I really hate. Suddenly I feel like becoming a farmer. I know it won't be easy and I won't be having a steady income. I am seriously considering working with the government. I don't care which department. At least I'll have retirement money.
I know there is government jobs in my field but it is highly competitive and I have low self-esteem. Lol!

I guess i just have to continue my job hunting which I hope will eventually end.
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The Birthday Boy~

You Scored as Ohno Satoshi

You're most compatible with Ohno! You are content with simple things in life and understand that happiness is intrinsically generated. Ohno seems to prefer someone who is completely relaxed and free to live life with expression and honesty - with him, you get someone to grow old with. Results based on a 2006 translated interview about ideal marriages - therefore, you may want to take everything with a grain of salt. ;)

Ohno Satoshi
Sakurai Sho
Matsumoto Jun
Ninomiya Kazunari
Aiba Masaki

Officially 1 year~~

It is officially 1 year ago I posted something on lj...
Wonder why am I such a lazy person?

This year I just graduated from University
All of the hard work really paid off :)

Right now I spend quite my time watching British Youtuber ;)
especially Jack&Finn Harries

Hope to catch up more with what is happening with Arashi now (^-^)V


Whenever I watch Arashi

I can't help myself to be reminded of the other boyband I love so much when I was a little kid

Westlife will be disband this year, 2012. Their final concert will on 23rd June 2012.I will surely miss them and all their good music. I can't imagine if someday down the road, I will no longer be able to watch Arashi anymore.
I guess nothing last forever T.T
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A great lost...

My cat and her kitten just died of poison...I think someone poison them. It just made me once again realize how cruel human could be.I really want to spend more time with them..You will always be remembered in my heart...
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